Boer War Soldier Surname Index
Information on KNOTT Soldiers

Boer-War Soldier Surname Index

Boer War Soldier Information for KNOTT
Number Names Surname Rank Unit
KNOTTLieutenantLord Loch's Corps
4915KNOTTPrivate2Bn. Somerset Light Infantry
2718AKNOTTPrivateLoyal North Lancashire Fusiliers
4440AJKNOTTPrivate2nd Dragoon Guards
1794AlfredKNOTTCape Mounted Police
Arthur JKNOTTVryburg Town Guard
AWKNOTTDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
BKNOTTFrontier Light Horse
BenjaminKNOTTCaptainDistrict Mounted Rifles
5521EKNOTTPrivate2Bn. Royal Lancaster Regt.
EdgarKNOTTPrivate1st Vol. Bn. Worcestershire Regt.
22740FKNOTTPrivateBase Royal East Kent Imp. Yeo. (33Coy. 11Bn. IY)
FCKNOTTTrooperImperial Yeomanry
2205Francis AldenKNOTTLance Sergeant4th Bn. Railway Pioneer Regt.
2205Francis AldeuKNOTTRailway Pioneer Regt.
22740Frederick CharlesKNOTTPrivateBase Coy. Imperial Yeomanry
GKNOTTDomesticHMS Sybille
145624GKNOTTPetty OfficerHMS Powerful
1199GKNOTTPrivate6Bn. Middlesex Regt.
5275GKNOTTPrivate2Bn. East Yorkshire Regt.
GeoKNOTTVictoria East District Mounted Troop
Geo Wm.KNOTTVictoria East District Mounted Troop
185George HenryKNOTTPrivate2nd Victorian Mounted Rifles
George PatrickKNOTTLieutenant5th Dragoon Guards
GFKNOTTSt. John Ambulance Brigade
3366GHKNOTTCorporal12th Lancers
GPKNOTTCivil Veterinary SurgeonCivil Surgeons
3830HKNOTTSergeant6th Dragoon Guards
HKNOTTDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
HAKNOTTBritish South Africa Police
1424HenryKNOTTTrooperBethune's Mounted Infantry
2035HenryKNOTTTrooperRoberts' Horse
402HenryKNOTTTrooper1st Kitchener's Fighting Scouts
HenryKNOTTBethune's Mounted Infantry
668JKNOTTPrivateDurban Light Infantry
5453JKNOTTPrivate17th Lancers
JKNOTTPrivate1Bn. Worcestershire Regt.
500JKNOTTTrooperBrabant's Horse
1750JamesKNOTTCorporal22Coy. 2Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
JamesKNOTTVictoria East District Mounted Troop
JHKNOTTAble SeamanHMS Forte
500JohnKNOTTTrooper2nd Brabant's Horse
30147JohnKNOTTTrooper105Coy. 8Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
JohnKNOTTBrabant's Horse
KKNOTTFort Beaufort District Mounted Troop
94947LCKNOTTGunner23 Coy. Western Division Royal Garrison Artillery
94947Leonard CKNOTTGunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery
RKNOTTDriverArmy Service Corps
4505RKNOTTPrivate17th Lancers
30384Robert HenryKNOTTTrooper6Coy. 4Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
Theunis Jno.KNOTTVictoria East District Mounted Troop
618WKNOTTSergeant5Bn. Middlesex Regt.
30930WilliamKNOTTBugler36Coy. 11Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
WilliamKNOTTCaptainColonial Scouts
1171WilliamKNOTTPrivate2Bn. Railway Pioneer Regt.
3049WilliamKNOTTRailway Pioneer Regt.
1284William JohnKNOTTPrivate2Bn. Railway Pioneer Regt.
3048William JohnKNOTTRailway Pioneer Regt.
WJKNOTTPetrusville Town Guard
5983WRKNOTTPrivate2nd Dragoon Guards
Number Names Surname Rank Unit

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