Boer War Soldier Surname Index
Information on KERR Soldiers

Boer-War Soldier Surname Index

Boer War Soldier Information for KERR
Number Names Surname Rank Unit
KERRDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
AKERREngine Room ArtificerHMS Gibraltar
3886AKERRPrivate9th Lancers
2217Albert GeorgeKERRPrivate4th Australian Commonwealth Horse (Vic)
945Albert GeorgeKERRPrivate5th Victorian Mounted Rifles
43229AlexanderKERRTrooper37Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
9579Alexander CairnsKERRPrivate54Coy. 13Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
8697Alexander ThomsonKERRPrivate18Coy. 6Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
5222Alfred ButtarsKERR8th New Zealand Contingent
9412Alfred HughKERRPrivate46Coy. 13Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
106ArchibaldKERRPrivate2nd Queensland Mounted Infantry
30012ArchibaldKERRPrivate107Coy. 6Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
12490Archibald DumayKERRTrooper67Coy. 18Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
2765Arthur AndrewKERRTrooper3rd New South Wales Mounted Rifles
38672Bryce AKERRShoeing Smith140Coy. 31Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
5194CKERRPrivate13th Hussars
CBKERR1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
153CharlesKERRPrivateNew South Wales Imperial Bushmen
33432Charles AlfredKERRPrivate97Coy. 24Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
20586Charles SeymourKERRSergeant6Coy. 4Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
314Clarence PagetKERRTrooper5th Australian Commonwealth Horse (NSW)
1072Colin BrightKERRTrooper & later Lieutenant1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
Colin BrightKERR1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
CRKERR1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
DKERRCooperHMS Terrible
4444DKERRPrivate3rd (Prince of Wales') Dragoon Guards
2431DKERRSaddler Sergeant2nd (Royal Scots Greys) Dragoons
1295DAKERR4th New Zealand Contingent
44526DavidKERRShoeing Smith130Coy. 28Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
2351DavidKERRCape Mounted Police
2857David BennettKERRFarrier SergeantThorneycroft's Mounted Infantry
DFKERRPrivateHMS Gibraltar
EKERRCorporalKimberley Town Guard
392ErnestKERR2nd New Zealand Contingent
403FKERRPrivateStrathcona's Horse
552FKERRPrivateASqn. 2nd. Canadian Mounted Rifles
FKKERRCivil Surgeon
Frederic WalterKERRLieutenantGordon Highlanders
147Frederick CharlesKERRTrooperBechuanaland Rifles
FWKERRMajor1Bn. Gordon Highlanders
576FWKERRTrooperMarshall's Horse
5982GKERRPiperGordon Highlanders
4680GKERRPrivate7th (Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards
GKERRPrivate20th Middlesex Rifles (Artists)
24881GeorgeKERRPrivate20Coy. 6Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
39878GeorgeKERRTrooper37Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
GeorgeKERRBushveldt Carbineers/Pietersburg Light Horse
38084George DuffKERRPrivate31Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
11097George HBKERRTrooper46Coy. 13Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
3601George PleatKERRTrooperKitchener's Horse
1372George SteadKERRTrooperPrince Alfred's Guard Mtd. Inf.
GJKERRDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
1297HKERR4th New Zealand Contingent
HKERR2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
40493HarryKERRTrooperCanadian Scouts
HarryKERRCanadian Scouts
483 & 3415Harry James HerbertKERRTrooper2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
483 & 34158Harry James HerbertKERRTrooper2nd Imperial Light Horse
24661Harry PercyKERRTrooper27th (Devonshire) Coy. 7Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
2411Harry StewartKERRTrooper1st Kitchener's Fighting Scouts
23968HectorKERRPrivate13Coy. 5Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
HFHKERRCaptain3Bn. Scottish Rifles
HJKERR2nd Lieutenant5Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
HJHKERR2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
92HSKERRTrooperBushveldt Carbineers
292HSKERRTrooperBushveldt Carbineers
41084HughKERRPrivate175Coy. 29Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
HughKERRCape Mounted Police
1729Hugh McDonaldKERRPrivate22Coy. 2Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
IKERRDFd.Bty. Royal Canadian Artillery
IBKERR2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
40426 & 16Ivan BertKERRTrooper2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
40426 & 1680Ivan BertKERRTrooper2nd Imperial Light Horse
4256JKERRSergeantRoyal Irish Fusiliers
5089JKERRPrivateRoyal Irish Fusiliers
4970JKERRPrivate1Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
3668JKERRPrivate2nd (Royal Scots Greys) Dragoons
5147JKERRPrivate13th Hussars
4708JKERRPrivate16th Lancers
3887JKERRPrivate9th Lancers
JKERRDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
29171JamesKERRPrivateRand Rifles
471JamesKERRPrivateImperial Light Infantry
43785JamesKERRPrivate140Coy. 31Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
1463JamesKERRSergeant17Coy. 6Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
22393JamesKERRSergeantCommander in Chief's Bodyguard
2435JamesKERRTrooper3rd New South Wales Imperial Bushmen
7918JamesKERR9th New Zealand Contingent
12617James AllanKERRSergeant70Coy. 18Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
449James McIntoshKERRDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
650James SomervilleKERRTrooper2nd New South Wales Mounted Rifles
37James WyllieKERRCyclistScottish Horse
403JAWKERRTrooperBethune's Mounted Infantry
JBKERR2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
JFKERRSwellendam District Mounted Troop
41035JMcDKERRTrooperScottish Horse
278JohnKERRPrivate4th Victorian Imperial Bushmen
1515JohnKERRPrivate17Coy. 6Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
3014 & 399JohnKERRTrooper1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
3014 & 39952JohnKERRTrooper1st Imperial Light Horse
21702JohnKERRTrooper90Coy. 23Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
8714JohnKERR10th New Zealand Contingent
JohnKERR1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
906John ArthurKERRPrivate1st Australian Commonwealth Horse (Qld)
John GeorgeKERRLieutenantImperial Light Infantry
2John McRaeKERRSergeant3rd South Australian Citizens' Bushmen
2750John McRaeKERRSergeant Major4th Australian Commonwealth Horse (SA)
35132JosephKERRTrooper74Coy. 8Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
234JWKERRPrivateKimberley Regt. of Volunteers
37JWKERRTrooper (Cyclist)1st Scottish Horse
JWKERRDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
LKERR5th Australian Commonwealth Horse (NSW)
MKERRLieutenant2Bn. Scottish Rifles
4420MKERRPrivate12th Lancers
MGKERRSisterImperial Yeomanry Hospital Pretoria
879MMKERRPrivateASqn. 2nd. Canadian Mounted Rifles
3496PKERRPrivate2Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
PKERRPrivate1Bn. Royal Irish Rifles
PAKERRDFd.Bty. Royal Canadian Artillery
9659PercyKERRNew Zealand Details
145PeterKERRPrivate2nd Tasmanian Bushmen
95/33346PeterKERRSergeantBushveldt Carbineers
95PeterKERRSergeantBushveldt Carbineers
36280PeterKERRTrooper102Coy. 5Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
PeterKERRBushveldt Carbineers/Pietersburg Light Horse
18238RKERRGunner69Bty. Royal Field Arty.
6372RKERRPrivate2Bn. Gordon Highlanders
RKERRPrivateHMS Redbreast
RBKERRKing William's Town Town Guard
RHKERRReverend2nd (Royal Scots Greys) Dragoons
158RHKERRTrooperBethune's Mounted Infantry
169RJKERRPrivate2Bn. Canadian Mtd. Rifles
29449RobertKERRSergeant20Coy. 6Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
42043RobertKERRTrooper37Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
9351RobertKERR10th New Zealand Contingent
36Robert AlexanderKERRTrooperLoch's Horse
Robert JohnKERRPrivateCanadian Mounted Rifles
611Robert LittleKERRLance CorporalImperial Light Infantry
29188Robert LittleKERRPrivateRand Rifles
44019Robert StewartKERRPrivate177Coy. 31Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
20707Robert TaylorKERRLance Sergeant76Coy. 22Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
4989Ronald HerbertKERRPrivate38Coy. 10Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
3928SKERRLance Corporal3Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers
37864SamuelKERRTrooper37Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
24210Samuel DavidsonKERRTrooper17Coy. 6Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
673Samuel TealeKERRPrivate2nd Australian Commonwealth Horse (Vic)
289SidneyKERRTrooper5th Australian Commonwealth Horse (NSW)
3880SWKERRCorporal16th Lancers
SydneyKERRTrooperNesbitt's Horse
3905TKERRCorporalRoyal Irish Fusiliers
TKERRPrivateCanadian Mounted Rifles
6300TKERRPrivate2Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
2570ThomasKERRTrooper3rd New South Wales Imperial Bushmen
40068ThomasKERRTrooper37Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
7538Thomas HenryKERR9th New Zealand Contingent
13550Thomas MountfordKERRTrooper73Coy. 19Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
1123WKERRPrivate1Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
4461WKERRPrivate2nd (Royal Scots Greys) Dragoons
4751WalterKERRPrivateRoyal Highlanders (Black Watch)
WCKERRDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
488WHKERRFarrier-SergeantCSqn. 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles
547WilliamKERRFarrier SergeantThorneycroft's Mounted Infantry
39861WilliamKERRTrooper37Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
614WilliamKERRCape Mounted Police
29286William CrosleyKERRSergeantRand Rifles
4988William FrederickKERRPrivate38Coy. 10Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
810William HenryKERRPrivate5th Victorian Mounted Rifles
41524William HenryKERRTrooper38Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
258William JamesKERRRangerCattle Rangers
2505William JamesKERRTrooperRoberts' Horse
220William JosephKERRSergeantNew South Wales Citizens' Bushmen
43196William WKERRSergeant Farrier177Coy. 31Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
20888WJKERRTrooper18Coy. 6Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
32024WJKERRTrooper7Coy. 4Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
Number Names Surname Rank Unit

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