Boer War Soldier Surname Index
Information on KENNY Soldiers

Boer-War Soldier Surname Index

Boer War Soldier Information for KENNY
Number Names Surname Rank Unit
KENNYLieutenant ColonelRoyal Army Medical Corps
4884KENNYPrivate2Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
3998KENNYPrivate2Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
5888KENNYPrivate2Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
1926KENNYTrooperNatal Police
AHKENNYHouw Hock District Mounted Troop
35246Andrew HenryKENNYPrivateCape Colony Cycle Corps
43357Augustus PeterKENNYTrooper144Coy. 32Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
5199CKENNYPrivate2Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
3861CKENNYPrivate1Bn. Gloucester Regt.
4527CAKENNYPrivate19th Hussars
3123DKENNYPrivate5th Dragoon Guards
1384Daniel RudolphKENNYTrooper2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
151DCKENNYSeamanNatal Naval Volunteers
DCKENNYSignalmanNatal Naval Volunteers
DRKENNY2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
EKENNYColour SergeantKimberley Town Guard
6926EKENNYPrivate1Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
4452EKENNYPrivate1st Dragoons
3382EdmundKENNY6th New Zealand Contingent
ELKENNYCFd.Bty. Royal Canadian Artillery
4033FKENNYPrivate5th Lancers
FEKENNYSergeantNamaqualand Border Scouts
FJKENNYDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
841Francis CharlesKENNYTrooper2nd New South Wales Mounted Rifles
1809Francis CharlesKENNYTrooper3rd Australian Commonwealth Horse (NSW)
551Fred EKENNYSergeantNamaqualand Border Scouts
34FrederickKENNYPrivateNew South Wales Army Medical Corps
40581Frederick ThomasKENNYCorporal144Coy. 32Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
3345GKENNYPrivate2Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
GEKENNY1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
George Ed.KENNY1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
George EdwardKENNY1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
3433GHKENNYPrivate7th (Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards
HKENNYPrivate2Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
HBKENNYCivil Veterinary SurgeonCivil Surgeons
HEKENNY2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
Henry GeorgeKENNY
3089 & 324Henry JohnKENNYTrooper1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
3089 & 32438Henry JohnKENNYTrooper1st Imperial Light Horse
30270Henry JohnKENNYTrooperPrince of Wales' Light Horse
40292 & 13Herbert SarchwillKENNYTrooper2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
40292 & 1307Herbert SarchwillKENNYTrooper2nd Imperial Light Horse
9617Herbert VictorKENNYPrivate45Coy. 13Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
HJKENNY1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
HSKENNY2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
5847JKENNYPrivateRoyal Irish Fusiliers
4878JKENNYPrivate2Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
5832JKENNYPrivate2Bn. Royal Lancaster Regt.
5830JKENNYPrivate2Bn. Royal Lancaster Regt.
4184JKENNYPrivate2Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers
4791JKENNYPrivateLoyal North Lancashire Fusiliers
6239JKENNYPrivateLoyal North Lancashire Fusiliers
3465JKENNYPrivateConnaught Rangers
JKENNYDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
7049JGKENNYPrivate2Bn. Middlesex Regt.
JHKENNY2nd OfficerMuttra (British India)
655JJKENNYSergeantBrabant's Horse
JMKENNYTrooperBorder Horse
1555JohnKENNYTrooperBethune's Mounted Infantry
1338 & 407JohnKENNYTrooper2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
1338 & 40760JohnKENNYTrooper2nd Imperial Light Horse
1533JohnKENNYTrooperBethune's Mounted Infantry
1045JohnKENNYCape Mounted Police
JohnKENNYBethune's Mounted Infantry
655John JosephKENNYSergeant2nd Brabant's Horse
30200John JosephKENNYAshburner's Light Horse
John JosephKENNYAshburner's Light Horse
730John PatrickKENNYTrooper2nd New South Wales Mounted Rifles
5913JosephKENNYCorporalRoyal Highlanders (Black Watch)
4532JSKENNYPrivate7th (Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards
4340LKENNYPrivate8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars
3372MKENNYPrivate8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars
4578MKENNYPrivateLoyal North Lancashire Fusiliers
1077MKENNYPrivateLoyal North Lancashire Fusiliers
1117MKENNYPrivateKimberley Regt. of Volunteers
MJKENNYLieutenant Quartermaster1Bn. Connaught Rangers
MorganKENNYCanadian Scouts
Morgan PatrickKENNYCanadian Scouts
35162Moses PaulKENNYTrooper74Coy. 8Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
3561PKENNYPrivateLoyal North Lancs. Regt.
5888PKENNYPrivate2Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
2296PKENNYPrivate2Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
PKENNYPrivate1Bn. Prince of Wales' Leinster Regt.
546Partois JawoodKENNYDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
163Partor JarwoodKENNYTrooperRhodesia Regiment
41315PatrickKENNYTrooperRimington's Guides/Damant's Horse
PJKENNYTrooper2nd Brabant's Horse
3486RKENNYPrivate8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars
35424Robert John BlakeKENNYTrooperScottish Horse
48StephenKENNYPrivate1st West Australia Mounted Infantry
5933StephenKENNY8th New Zealand Contingent
6272TKENNYPrivateRifle Brigade
6262TKENNYPrivateRifle Brigade
TKENNYPrivateNatal Volunteer Ambulance Corps
4884TKENNYPrivate2Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
4844TKENNYPrivate2Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
3201TKENNYSergeant Farrier8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars
ThomasKENNYOrderlyImperial Hospital Corps
2369ThomasKENNYAustralian Commonwealth Horse
3750WKENNYLance Corporal1Bn. Connaught Rangers
5122WKENNYPrivate5th Lancers
WDKENNY2nd LieutenantInniskilling Fusiliers
2375WDKENNYSergeantSouth African Light Horse
WGSKENNY2nd LieutenantHampshire Regt.
549/39WilliamKENNYCape Mounted Police
3297William CKENNYPrivate15Coy. 5Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
44078William HenryKENNYPrivate176Coy. 29Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
Number Names Surname Rank Unit

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