Boer War Soldier Surname Index
Information on KELLEY Soldiers

Boer-War Soldier Surname Index

Boer War Soldier Information for KELLEY
Number Names Surname Rank Unit
KELLEYPrivate3rd Essex Rifles
145ACKELLEYTrooperKimberley Light Horse
293AFKELLEYTrooperKimberley Light Horse
Albert EdwinKELLEY
AlluredKELLEYLieutenant2nd Scottish Horse
923Charles Edward ThomasKELLEYTrooper2nd Imperial Light Horse
29175Charles FrederickKELLEYSergeantRand Rifles
1016GKELLEYPrivateKimberley Regt. of Volunteers
242GKELLEYPrivateKimberley Regt. of Volunteers
27JohnKELLEYTrooper1st Scottish Horse
44823JohnKELLEYTrooper130Coy. 28Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
PPKELLEYPrivateKaffrarian Rifles
TKELLEYCorporalKimberley Town Guard
Number Names Surname Rank Unit

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