Boer War Soldier Surname Index
Information on KEITH Soldiers

Boer-War Soldier Surname Index

Boer War Soldier Information for KEITH
Number Names Surname Rank Unit
KEITHCare of prisoners of war
212AKEITHTrooperBethune's Mounted Infantry
AKEITHDundee Town Guard
ACKEITHPrivateKimberley Town Guard
AEKEITHTrooperBorder Mounted Rifles
AHKEITHCaptainField Intelligence Department
377ALEKEITHTrooperBorder Mounted Rifles
205AlexanderKEITHTrooper1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
6792AndrewKEITHLance CorporalRoyal Highlanders (Black Watch)
Andrew Samuel WoodfordKEITHDundee Town Guard
Angus CecilKEITHPrivateKimberley Town Guard
513Arthur HenryKEITHSergeantRhodesia Regiment
3961CKEITHCorporal16th Lancers
CKEITHSergeantKimberley Town Guard
34CJKEITHPrivate1st South Australian Mounted Rifles
Clive SkeneKEITHCaptainImperial Yeomanry
3897GKEITHPrivateLoyal North Lancashire Fusiliers
206GKEITHTrooperBethune's Mounted Infantry
66GBKEITHTrooperJohannesburg Mounted Rifles
209GeorgeKEITHTrooper1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
GTEKEITH2nd LieutenantYork & Lancashire Regt.
427JKEITHTrooperNatal Carbineers
297JAKEITHSergeant TrumpeterNatal Volunteer Composite Regiment
JAKEITHTrumpeterNatal Carbineers
JamesKEITHLieutenant ColonelRoyal Artillery
1442PKEITH4th New Zealand Contingent
4998RKEITHPrivate2Bn. Gordon Highlanders
RCKEITHLieutenant65Bty. Royal Field Artillery
7766RobertKEITHTrooperThorneycroft's Mounted Infantry
711SKEITHLance CorporalRifle Brigade
2271TKEITHPrivateLoyal North Lancashire Fusiliers
376WEKEITHTrooperBorder Mounted Rifles
WEKEITHTrooperBorder Mounted Rifles
673WilliamKEITHActing Sergeant1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
677WilliamKEITHPrivateImperial Light Infantry
HQS 615WilliamKEITHTrooperScottish Horse
615WilliamKEITHTrooper1st Scottish Horse
WilliamKEITH1Bn. Imperial Light Horse
Number Names Surname Rank Unit

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