Boer War Soldier Surname Index
Information on GRIMES Soldiers

Boer-War Soldier Surname Index

Boer War Soldier Information for GRIMES
Number Names Surname Rank Unit
2327GRIMESPrivateRoyal Dublin Fusiliers
4708AVGRIMESPrivate12th Lancers
CGRIMESLance CorporalRoyal Munster Fusiliers
3651CGRIMESPrivate17th Lancers
FGRIMESStokerHMS Powerful
FrederickGRIMESBearerNatal Volunteer Ambulance Corps
GGRIMESLance Corporal2Bn. Cheshire Royal Engineers (Railway Vols.)
4729GeorgeGRIMESTrumpeter50Coy. 17Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
3517HGRIMESPrivate6th Dragoon Guards
1573HerbertGRIMESPrivate5th Victorian Mounted Rifles
6576JGRIMESPrivate2Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
3414JGRIMESPrivate7th (Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards
JGRIMESDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
532James PGRIMESTrooperBethune's Mounted Infantry
2162James PatrickGRIMESTrooper1st Kitchener's Fighting Scouts
17JohnGRIMESCorporal4th West Australia Mounted Infantry
1108JohnGRIMESPrivate2nd Australian Commonwealth Horse (WA)
40111JohnGRIMESTrooperScottish Horse
586JohnGRIMESDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
40111John AGRIMESTrooper2nd Scottish Horse
John WilliamGRIMES8th New Zealand Contingent
371John WilliamGRIMES2nd New Zealand Contingent
26772Patrick MartinGRIMESTrooperRoberts' Horse
322Robert LedbrookeGRIMESPrivate5Coy. 2Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
44ThomasGRIMESPrivate4th Queensland Imperial Bushmen
4638WGRIMESPrivate5th Dragoon Guards
2327WGRIMESPrivate2Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
WGRIMESPrivate2Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
1572William HGRIMESPrivate5th Victorian Mounted Rifles
34920William JosephGRIMESTrooper49Coy. 9Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
Number Names Surname Rank Unit

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