Boer War Soldier Surname Index
Information on GOLDMAN Soldiers

Boer-War Soldier Surname Index

Boer War Soldier Information for GOLDMAN
Number Names Surname Rank Unit
AGOLDMANDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
Ernest VictorGOLDMANOrderlyImperial Hospital Corps
165HGOLDMANCorporalASqn. 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles
IsaacGOLDMANHumansdorp Town Guard
2516JGOLDMANPrivate5Bn. Middlesex Regt.
21819JoelGOLDMANTrooperQueenstown Rifle Volunteers
JoelGOLDMANTown Guards & Dist. Mounted Troops
LGOLDMANOudtshoorn Town Guard
NGOLDMAN2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
562NathanGOLDMANTrooper2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
NathanGOLDMAN2Bn. Imperial Light Horse
PhilipGOLDMANTown Guards & Dist. Mounted Troops
6199PhillipGOLDMANTrooper2nd Brabant's Horse
239PhillipGOLDMANTrooperWestern Light Horse
38796RGOLDMANTrooperSouth African Light Horse
1154SGOLDMANCorporalJohannesburg Mounted Rifles
115 538 348SamuelGOLDMANTrooperCanadian Scouts
SamuelGOLDMANCanadian Scouts
WBGOLDMANPrivateQueenstown Rifle Volunteers
23William BasilGOLDMANTrooperSouth African Constabulary
31801William BasilGOLDMANTrooperPrince of Wales' Light Horse
Number Names Surname Rank Unit

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