Boer War Soldier Surname Index
Information on GIRLING Soldiers

Boer-War Soldier Surname Index

Boer War Soldier Information for GIRLING
Number Names Surname Rank Unit
GIRLINGLieutenant & Quartermaster1Bn. Coldstream Guards
15444Albert NormanGIRLINGTrooperStaff 18Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
4248CEGIRLINGPrivate3rd (Prince of Wales') Dragoon Guards
FMGIRLINGDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
3817HGIRLINGPrivate3rd (Prince of Wales') Dragoon Guards
Harry WilliamGIRLINGTown Guards & Dist. Mounted Troops
2023Henry MathiusGIRLINGCorporal1st Kitchener's Fighting Scouts
3849HGGIRLINGPrivate3rd (Prince of Wales') Dragoon Guards
HJBGIRLINGKing William's Town Town Guard
HWGIRLINGRobertson Town Guard
22924Reginald WatsonGIRLINGTrooper9Coy. 3rd Bn. Imperial Yeomanry
1006WGIRLINGPrivate2Bn. Norfolk Regt.
WGIRLINGPrivate2Bn. Norfolk Regt.
William WaltersGIRLINGLieutenant1Bn. Coldstream Guards
WWGIRLINGLieutenant & QM1Bn. Coldstream Guards
Number Names Surname Rank Unit

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