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Personal Information
  • Names: Joseph Johannes
  • Surname: Fritz
  • From: Johannesburg
  • Age: 28
Capture Information
  • Date Captured: 1900-08-26
  • Place Captured: Belfast
Detention Information
  • Camp Detained: Diyatalawa
  • Country: Ceylon
  • Prisoner No: 15205

Boer War Prisoners

During the Anglo-Boer War, the British Forces captured around 28,000 Boer men who were detained as Prisoners of War. Around 25,630 of these men were sent to overseas prisoner of war camps while being detained. This database consists of information on the men caught and detained during this period.

Obtaining Documents

This set of Prisoner of War documents can be accessed online via the project by Clicking Here.

About this Record

This Prisoner of War record for Joseph Johannes Fritz was transcribed record from various documents held at the National Archives, South Africa, including arrest and shipping information from newspaper sources like De Zuid-Afrikaan.

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