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We are South Africa’s biggest online Genealogy Research service, offering members access to more than 500,000,000 transcribed Genealogy-related records. Whether you are researching your family history in South Africa, requiring information for emigration purposes or simply trying to learn more about your ancestry, is an absolute necessity!

Our information mainly consists of records for the past 100 years, although we do provide millions of external records from the mid-1600’s to the mid-1900’s. also attempts to verify the validity of all records, where possible, against official sources. Look out for the Verified seal on records, which will indicate the validity and correctness of the information provided. All records containing our Verified seal, is an indication that the information has been verified by against an official source.

Although we always attempt to provide accurate and verified information, we do also make available user-submitted information, and other transcriptions, which is not always, nor can it be verified against official sources. For this reason, we always recommend that visitors use our information merely as research guidelines. Always ensure that our information is checked against your own sources for accuracy.

We look forward to you joining our service and becoming a member and learning more about your family history!

Please note that some changes have affected our search functions on GenDatabase. Users will now get exact search results for the terms they have entered in the search fields. In order to view related results, users need to make use of our Wildcard search function. This can be done by entering the percentage sign (%) before, after or before and after your search query.

As example, you are looking for Johannes Albertus Smuts, but are not sure about his full names or spelling. In the names field, you can simply enter Johannes%. This will bring up all people whose first names start with Johannes. If you are not sure whether the Johannes is the first or second name, you can enter it as follow: %Johannes%. This will bring up all records where Johannes appear anywhere in the names.

Below is a short video showing our search function in action....
Searching GenDatabase Using the Wildcard Function

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